Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Chicks at St Patrick's

Last Tuesday, a lady named Jo came to our classroom. She came with 11 eggs and she said we could keep them for 11 days and watch them grow. There were chicks in the incubator but they were still in their little shells. My friends and I were so excited about the chicks when we realized what we were going to see.

 A few days later I was sick so I couldn't go to school or see the chicks hatch. When it was Thursday my mum said I could go back to school and I was really happy when I saw all the chicks already in the brooder for the first time they were so cute. When we got to touch the chicks. I was shocked because I was so excited to see them all hatched already. 

Did you know when you put a chick in your hand it feels like they are scratching your palm? In a few days it was the weekend and one of the boys in our class got to take them home and look after them. When it was Monday the chicks were bigger and noisier.  

This week was the last week for the chicks to go back to their farm with Jo. They were starting to get their fluff on their wings and some of them were trying to fly out of the brooder. I could tell that the chicks have grown stronger and had more energy. When it was the second to last day I was so  devastated because while I was working I looked at the chicks and realized they'd be going soon. 

When it was the last day of the chicks staying with us we didn't get a chance to hold the chicks again. When Jo came, three people were crying and I was one of them. We missed how they felt  warm and fluffy. All of room 6 was sad.

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